The series Inner Power is based on Samsara. Samsara comes from Hinduism and buddhism and stands for the whirlpool of events that life is. These five art pieces show the stages a human being experiences. Once, or several times. Birth, Life, Pain & Joy, Death, Rebirth.

Stages we all encounter, one time or several times.

At the same time each piece expresses the inner strength that carries you through these stages. The mysterious strength every person carries inside of him/her.

This series is dedicated to all people who struggle with Samsara. Especially to my dear niece Merle (17), a special young lady, who on the one hand struggles with depression. And who on the other hand already is showing how immense her inner strength is.

This series is now showing from the 28th of june till the 28th of august in Gouda’s Cultuurpodium, Oosthaven 12, Gouda. (See also Gouds Plex)